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Massages in General

We all carry stress differently. Some people harbor it in their shoulders, or neck, or lower back or legs or arms...sound familiar? And anyone suffering from this, well, all they want is to have relief!
My massage is a blend of multiple modalities, including Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure, Thai massage, and stretching- whatever it takes to achieve the desired results, based on your consultation and feedback throughout the massage.

Below are some definitions of the disciplines I use. Pricing is as follows.
10 - 20 min. = $1 per minute | 30 min. = $35 | 60 min. = $70 | 90 min. = $100

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage - uses long flowing strokes and kneading of the muscles, generally light to medium pressure is used on only the most superficial layer of muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue - employs many of the same strokes as Swedish massage, only with more focused, deeper pressure using the fingers, thumbs and elbows in order to reach the deeper layers of muscle.


Acupressure - derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure is deep pressure that is applied to acupuncture points along the lines, or meridians, of the body through which the life energy, or chi, flows.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage - uses warm river stones on various points of the body in order provide deep soothing relief to muscles. The therapist also uses the stones to apply Swedish type massage strokes to the body. It is very relaxing and soothing.
60 minutes | $90

Thai Massage

Thai massage - coming from Thailand, the traditional Thai massage combines elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda from India, using acupressure with yoga-like stretching. It is performed on a floor mat, using no oils or lotions, with the client fully clothed while the practitioner uses acupressure and compressions along the lines, or sen, of the body in order to facilitate the flow of energy. During the massage, the therapist may use various stretches, fingers, thumbs, palms, fists, elbow, forearms, feet, and knees - whatever it takes!

Traditional Thai massage uses very deep pressure, although, it can be modified to suit your needs. Please communicate any discomfort during the massage to the therapist.
90 minutes | $120

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology - based on the principle that the feet are zoned or mapped out to correspond to the human body and its parts and organs, and that by working the zones and specific points, you affect the parts of the body that correspond to them.
60 minutes | $60

On Site/ Location Massage

Can't come to my location? In from out of town and need some knots taken care of? Or how about a gift of massage for your favorite loved one in the privacy of your own home? Yes, I will come to your location, but please book in advance.
One hour minimum plus a $20 Travel fee will be added to the price of the selected massage

Corporate Chair Massage

Employees who receive massage therapy are happier, more productive and suffer less repetitive strain injuries. Often times companies offer Corporate Chair Massages for their employees, or there are special events with in the metroplex in which I can offer chair massages on location. If you have an event that you would like chair massages available, please call for pricing and scheduling.
Please call for pricing

Definitions of Massage Disciplines

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"No sooner than I found Robert and Massage-by-the-Minute I knew that my back was in good hands!"
~ Monica z. - Dallas, TX

"Having traveled near and far searching for the best massage in the world, I have to share...I found it! Robert of Massage-by-the-Minute has magic hands and I was lucky to drive home safely after my last massage in my highly relaxed state. He gets my highest recommendation for professionalism and most relaxing massage I've ever had from California to Texas."
~ Sherri C. - McKinney, TX

"Robert is an amazing Massage Therapist. His ability to work with each client and custom each massage to that client allows for the best treatment available. I highly recommend Robert as a massage therapist for all massage therapy treatments."
~ Grace G. - Dallas, TX

"I never thought I would be a guy who pays regularly for a massage. But now I can't imagine living without regular massage[s]. Robert helped me realize that its essential for recovery from working out, and from daily stress. I've had a lot of massage therapists before, but I'm sticking with Robert now, because he's simply the best. He's personable and makes anyone perfectly comfortable. I highly recommend him to anyone."
~ Matt W. - Dallas, TX

"I fell in love with Robert the moment he started rubbing my shoulders! Robert gives a great massage and is knowledgeable in various types of massage such as Thai, Hot rocks, table, chair to name a few. He is always on time, super personable, very reasonable prices, as a great guy all around. I would recommend him to anyone."
~ Robin M. - Dallas, TX

"I found out about Robert of Massage-by-the-Minute via Groupon a few months ago, and have returned for massages several times since. I am quite picky (almost snobbish)about massages, and Robert is among the best. Excellent firm pressure (but can work at whatever pressure is comfortable for you that day), great technique, and very thorough. He is very responsive to his clients' needs, spending a lot of time on areas where you need a lot of work. He also frequently has amazing specials for his clients. He is very professional and also an overall cool person, so Massage-by-the-Minute would also be great for people who are new to massage and who may feel a little uncomfortable at first. It's a very laid back and comfortable environment."
~ Lindsey D. - Dallas, TX